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Experiential Activation
CHANEL - Morocco Meets Scotland

CHANEL - Morocco Meets Scotland

Chanel's Thomas du pre de Saint Maur decided to bring his team to Scotland to brainstorm and to derive different thinking from the experience. We were asked to design an experiential space that would stimulate ideas and new thinking and where the team could relax and bond.

The brief was 'Morocco meets Scotland' and the location was the beautiful Glen Tanar Estate in the National Park. We created an intimate stretched canvas structure on a little promontory at the side of the loch using tweed, wool and canvas with an eastern twist. Light and aromas helped to immerse the visitors in the experience and object placement hinted at a more nomadic lifestyle. The feel of the space was beautifully textural and the over riding mood was of an existence stripped back and more in touch with nature and the elements.

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