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Glen Scotia


Glen Scotia

The new whisky experience is situated in the Distillery Manager’s Office and pays homage to a bygone era with a specialist shop that gives the whisky explorer a real sense of what it must have been like for the traveller arriving in Campbeltown during the Victorian heydays. 

The smell of whisky hits you as soon as you approach the building. Passing the portrait of Highland Mary, the wife of Robert Burns, whose cottage once stood there, you enter through a low door in the quiet street. It feels like you have arrived by private invitation for a well earned refreshment after a long journey. You are immediately immersed in the craft and history of the whisky-making. The passion of the people who make the whisky, both past and present is evident everywhere and the ghost of the former proprietor, Duncan MacCallum, is said to keep a keen eye on all who stop in for a dram.

Glen Scotia Distillery

Photography: Colin Homes


Client: Loch Lomond Group

Concept | Design | Build | Styling | Architectural 

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